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    This website is the storm water portal for both Memphis and Shelby County. The Storm Water Management Manual (SWMM) is posted at this website for quick and easy use by all citizens of Memphis and Shelby County, and the surrounding communities. Each page of the SWMM contains the month and year of issue that represent the current version. This information is also listed on the menu page for the online SWMM. The SWMM includes typical engineering details and standard specifications. The portal also links to the City of Memphis and Shelby County storm water programs, lists general telephone numbers for the various divisions within the Public Works Departments, and has information concerning the Water Quality Hotlines.
The City of Memphis Public Works Division is responsible
for the operation and maintenance of the City's infrastructure which includes streets, storm drains, bridges and flood control. The City administers the program in compliance
with its NPDES permit requirements
   City of Memphis Public Works Website
The Country Engineer's office under the Department of
Public Works is responsible for storm water management for the unincorporated areas in Shelby County, focusing on NPDES permit requirements
   Shelby County Engineer's Website

FAQs Concerning The Storm Water Fee (pdf)
Post Construction Run-Off Control, Technical Standards, Structural and Non-Structural Best Management Practices, Interim Guidance Document, Version 2.0 (pdf)
Storm Water Enterprise Fund Adjustment and Credit Manual (pdf)